Nathaniel Welch


I am a software developer with an interest in communication and design. I enjoy experimenting with new things to expand my knowledge and I believe that creating ways for people to share knowledge is one of the greatest goals for mankind.

I am an Eagle Scout and in my free time I enjoy contributing to open source projects, hiking, reading and listening to music.

My goal is to obtain a software development job at a small company, focusing on launching and building software for the web.


Computer Science, B.S.
Fall 2006 - Spring 2011
California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo


I have been writing code, running servers and experimenting with new software since 2002. Most recently the majority of code I have written has been in Java, Ruby, Python and Bash, but I have experience in PHP, Javascript, Go, C, SML/NJ, SQL and F#.


Open Source Developer

I currently am a contributor to the open source project fog and also a bunch of other small projects.

Site Reliability Engineer - April 2012 to Present

I currently work as an SRE for Google Compute Engine in London. My job includes being part of an oncall rotation and writing software to maintain, monitor and optimize hundreds of thousands of servers globally. I also spend a decent amount of time analyzing processes used by the teams I work closely with to try and automate people out of a job, myself included. If you are unfamiliar with SRE, check out Wikipedia and Google's blog.

In the past I worked in San Francisco, CA on Google Cloud Storage and Google Compute Engine, doing similar things to what I do now.

Software Engineer - August 2011 to September 2012

As a Software Engineer at Google, I worked on Punchd, Google Offers and Google Local in Mountain View, CA.

Punchd, Mountain View, CA

Software Developer - January 2011 to July 2011

I was Punchd's backend and operations engineer until we were acquired by Google in July 2011. Once at Google I continued to maintain Punchd's servers, backend API and web frontend. I also helped implement a version of Punchd built on Google's infrastructure, but it was never released., San Luis Obispo CA

Software Developer - April 2009 to April 2011

I wore a variety of hats including -- but not limited to -- writing code to promote high quality content and a stable community, helping keep servers afloat, and working with users to develop content. I wrote code mainly in PHP and Bash, and helped maintain our fleet of servers on Amazon's EC2 Service.

BSA Camp Oljato, Lakeshore CA

Nature Director - Summer 2006

Camp Counselor - Summer 2002, 2003 and 2004

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